Any products that mention T-dry technology are guaranteed to keep you and/or your gear dry when exposed to the most extreme elements.
Wind Defense is protection from stiff breezes that when combined with cool or cold conditions can multiply the effects of the temperature that you are trying to perform in.
THIESSENS baselayers are designed to fit next to skin tighter than outerwear. This layer is intended to maintain core heat but not restrict your full range of motion. Lightweight, Midweight and Heavyweight pants and jackets should fit as expected. Midweight and Heavyweight products are designed to be layerable in that they are fitted slightly larger to account for being versatile in the field by combining multiple garments into a system that can be added to or taken away from as weather conditions and activity levels change.
Please reference our size charts with each product.
No, you will not need to size up when adding/layering over multiple pieces. Our top layering pieces are designed to be worn as a system and sizing should remain consistent throughout our product line.
All of our apparel is engineered to withstand abuse. That being, said there are ways to help insure that they stay in as prestine condition as possible. Wash as necessary in a gentle cycle with cold water and use an unscented, bleach/dye free, performance detergent. Tumble dry under low heat with unscented dryer sheets. These directions apply to a majority of our products but always make sure you check the care directions of each product for exceptions.
On any products that are not readily available, we try to keep the website up to date as to the status when the product will likely be shippable so that you can determine if you would like to backorder the product and have it ship when it is back in stock.
The most common reason for an error is due to an incorrect billing address. Please verify the billing address you have entered matches the address on file with your bank. If the address is correct, just give us a call and we will make sure to get your order placed.
Please call us as soon as possible at 877-972-5742 and we will do our best to accommodate you. We have a very small window to cancel orders - the sooner the better.
Discount programs at Thiessens are under review but currently we do not have any discounts in place.
THIESSENS offers a limited-lifetime warranty which covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the Warranty period. Rips, punctures and burns caused by normal field use do not fall under this policy. This warranty applies to consumer use only and is null and void if the product is used in a manner it is not intended for. For more information, see our full Warranty Policy.